Display hub showcases the best of Hungary

Hungary launched InnoHungary CIIE, an off-site event of the third China International Import Expo, for Shanghai residents and tourists on Friday, offering a glimpse into its tourism, sports and innovation.

Many everyday items such as the magic cube were invented in Hungary. The Rubik's Cube, a classic brain-training 3D puzzle, was invented by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Erno Rubik.

A huge magic cube installation is on display at Life Hub @ Jinqiao plaza, and 45 children will participate in a fun Rubik's Cube competition on Sunday.

Rubik's Cube interactive and training camps are open to the public during the event.

Visitors are also invited to experience the glamor of fencing following renowned Hungarian fencing coach Ervin Szucs who will demonstrate Hungary's most successful Olympic sport with his students. 

They are also able to enjoy the fun of Teqball, a Hungarian sports innovation.

Hungarian specialty products such as Tokaji grape wine and Herend porcelain are also on display.

Livestreams will be hosted, taking audiences on a virtual journey to different cities and wine regions of the country, covering castles, resorts and shops.

Hungary boasts 13 Nobel Prize winners including mathematician John von Neumann and physicist Leo Szilard. The country is also the hometown of a number of celebrities such as composer Franz Liszt and billionaire George Soros.

An exhibition showcasing famous Hungarians and Nobel Prize winners is part of the four-day event. 

A series of cultural experiences and activities of different countries will be held at Life Hub @ Jinqiao in November and December, enabling people to have a "global travel experience."

Source: SHINE   

Editor: Zhang Liuhao